In January 2000, the Osun State government sacked 143 staff of the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation, following the governor’s earlier vow to trim the state’s work force.

Adebisi Akande dissolved the state Council of Obas and Chiefs in 2001, on the ground that it was too large.

Tinubu’s government in Lagos State sacked 15,000 public servants ostensibly because of the inability to pay the then new minimum wage. To add insult to injury, the government refused to pay those unfortunate workers their terminal benefits one year and a half after their unjust sack!

Osun State, another state headed by a so-called “Awoist”, in the person of Bisi Akande, sacked about 12,000 public servants including teachers, while serving as Governor between 1999 and 2003.

It is pertinent to note that government is the largest employer of labour in Osun state.

In Ekiti (another ACN state), teachers now live in fear of Mr. Governor who is bent on conducting an assessment examination for them.

Though the governor has repeatedly said he has no such plan as ‘sacking ‘, teachers in the state are yet to forget the outcome of a similar examination he conducted couple of months back.

When it comes to taxation, one won’t but mention Edo, Ekiti and Lagos as some of those states where workers are being subjected to the heavy taxation system.

With reference to that Yoruba adage, “Àdépèlé has her teeth in a scattered form, we won’t be able to count all”.

That…. Governor Babatunde Fashola has sacked over seven hundred medical practitioners in Lagos State should not make Nigerians look morose and melancholy, it has become one habitual practice with the Afenifere extension.

When a son resembles his father, one should not totally vent his anger on the son.

… Làìk Akande, Làìk Fashola …


Facebook Post – Jonathan’s inherited problems

~The Problem didn’t just start
~ Dr. Jonathan inherited it
that further affirm the cluelessness of Mr. President
He jumped into an ocean without first ascertainning its depth
but he told us then he had solutions to the numerous problems confronting Nigeria
what a pity_._
It is left to Nigerians
but I’m trying to believe they won’t allow any man who grew up without shoes to penetrate Aso Rock again