Did Prophet Ireti Ajanaku actually taste death?

ajanakuIt is no longer news that Pastor Iretiola Ajanaku who died Sunday morning has reportedly regained life.
Teizpot however observed the comment of some blog readers, who did not in any way show remorse or appreciation, as regards the issue
Several persons did not actually accept the claim that Prophet Ajanaku died in the first place.
Others referred to the scenario as “magical display”, why most readers concentrated on his “skin color”
The comment below, gives a summary of my analysis, as opined by one of the readers
There should be a law that guides against this shit of pretending to be dead story, leading the public falsely. Meanwhile help me ask pastor molato these questions, because you are the one compelling us to ridicule you. So let’s start.
Between the days that followed his supposed ‘death’, where was he kept? And don’t tell me he was locked in his room o.
And was he deposited in the morgue, as they would normal dead people?
Which other members of his church in Lagos visited Osun when he was pronounced dead? Abi u’ll tell me no one tried to pay his family a condolence visit? Not even those who aren’t members of his church? Abi he doesn’t interact with the outside world?
What are the names of the Doctors and Nurses that treated him before and after death? Do they not have names? Is there any reason to plead anonymity when it is not a criminal case? Shebi na pastor dem say die na?
If this man, at the end of this super story episode, tells us that he’s back alive, it means that he planned the Osun trip for this purpose. Had he tried it in lagos, the crowd that would troop in to see him wouldn’t have made the gimmick possible. He would have been busted.
Prophet TB Joshua is a saint after all, second to none. These are the sorts of people Christ warned us against. “For a time will come when FALSE prophets will act in the name of God”. God, you are far too patient. I don’t understand whether people have the fear of God these days.
Maybe he will tell us that God sent him back to pack the bleaching cream he forgot. Because Angel Gabriel and co no dey use cream. Yeye dey smell
Do you agree with this reader’s analysis? What is your own view about Prophet Ajanaku’s alleged death and resurrection saga?
Drop your comment(s)


One thought on “Did Prophet Ireti Ajanaku actually taste death?

  1. So he says, left 4 me. Only God knws and understands every secret things but dat dosnt give me d effrontery 2 start probing or investigating d said story of the person who is meant to b a man of God. Come 2 tink of it, if i say its not 2ru using my intellectual reasonin and it turns out 2 b true knwing fuly wel that mere human reasonin cnt fatome and explain the things of the spirit. Instead of saying its a false story, why dnt i see it as an opportunity to imagine wht God can do in is magestic power nd increase my faith in him. Gud evening.
    T.Y. I sight u. Thumbs up man. Keep it up, u’re going beyond d sky.

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