Many of you might have seen this:

It has been on the internet for some weeks now

I have kept it in my archive for long too ~

I just feel like sharing it now :_: as my own little way of making you cool off for the weekend

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enjoy >>>>>>>

¤ FAROUK: To collect bribe and deny it boldly

¤ FAROUKED: Past tense of farouk

¤ FAROUKER: A person who farouks

¤ FAROUKEE: A person who is farouked

¤ FAROUKISH: Having the appearance of or relating to bribery and denial

¤ FAROUKOLOGY: The study of bribe collection and denial of evidence

¤ FAROUKISM: The political ideology/concept of bribery and cover-ups

¤ FAROUKIOSIS: A chronic disorder of bribe taking and denial

¤ FAROUKMENT: A system of farouking

¤ FAROUKISTICALLY: Carried out or done in a way that suggests a farouk

¤ FAROUKICIDE: An act exhibited by a farouker that is capable of causing someone to farouk

¤FAROUKXY: Being in the mood or setting out strategies to farouk

¤ FAROUKTANCY: Identification and analysis of a farouked person(s) for decision making

¤ FAROUKIOLYSIS: The act of destroying or conceiving bribery evidence so as to frustrate prosecution

¤ FAROUKOMA: A sudden growth of greed that leads to an aborisation and an endless desire to demand and collect bribe without a pre-thought to realize the consequences thereof

¤ FAROUKECTOMY: A surgical procedure for the removal of faroukoma

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