It is now two years since Alhaji Musa Yar’adua died


While he was around, many opined that he was not the round peg in the presidential round hole, oweing to his ill health and perhaps soft-spokeness which was believed then to be a symbol of sluggishness.

Now, it is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the saddle;
believed to be sharper in face and thought when placed side-by-side with the Late Yar’adua.

Nigerians have tasted the two

I have compiled few comments (By Nigerians) here for you to know that people are not often valued until after death.

read on…..

< RIP our good president, not the mùmú we have now

<The best president Nigeria has ever produced

<Please come back and show GEJ how to rule, deeply missed, RIP

<Die on abeg

<Many criticized him for being slow in action.. but now, we see that it is better being slow than being without action. Rest in perfect peace our best ever president

<The best president with a peaceful tenure R.I.P Yar'adua

You just read some of the many comments posted by Nigerians to mark the 2nd year of Yar'adua's demise
and by extension, a comparison between the administration of GEJ and YRD

What is your take on this subject too?



  1. infact dis regime has bin d most horrible democracy we v eva had in tym memorial.dey r blood sukers n ritualist.God shld av mercy on us!

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