From the perspective of the average Nigerian still basking in the malariaic sun of subsidy ulabaloo, our dear Okonjo Iweala doesn’t deserve that world bank seat.

No doubt, Big Madam is qualified for that post tooth and nail, in terms of experience, exposure, pedigre and what have you.

However, the average Nigerian who now buys fuel at N100, courtesy of the Jonathan/Iweala permutation of January 2012, never prayed she got there.

Don’t condemn this woman! She is our own!! Let us support her!!!
she is this, she is that
ïgbá (container), àwö (plate), ìkòkò bäbä ì$äsùn (old school pot) are some of the many things people said about her.

Nigeria is rich but the larger percentage of Nigerians live in poverty stroke penury.

Okonjo Iweala was there, standing in for developing countries (Nigeria inclusive)

We are the giant ; one of the fastest growing economists in the world

but a middle-classed Nigerian prefers assylating in Ghana (who got some of their running current from us)
when the actual giant can’t boast of stable electricity.

Then, Nigerians ask > what is she going to do there?

In what way has her stay as world bank vp profited us?

Some have argued that the Paris club forgave Nigeria’s debt through
Big Madam’s influence

But Nigerians ask;
ëskíìs mà, where did that money go to?

This is the bottom line;
Nigerians have in the last couple of months grown extremely weary of a government that is unable to pay her workers N18,000 minimum wage.

Should we say Nigeria is getting better?
In terms of what? Ghana must go politricks,??
wide margin between the rich and the poor,??
abstract no-point subsidy agenda,??
Time will tell….



  1. Going by the antecedents of the Finance minister, she sure deserve the post. She fits the requirement of someone who can take the World bank to the next level.

    • You are right Danny > but the average Nigerian believes that; Okonjo Iweala’s wealth of experience has further impoverished the poor (as she was the brain behind the last fuel hike)
      _ from the perspective of the common man_

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