A South – African Prophet, Sibusiso Mthembu has been drawing huge crowds to his home in the last couple of days with the alarming declaration that he has been to heaven four times {haba! Distance between heaven and earth dey short like that?}
According to Sibusiso, there are 11 heavens, each of which he has visited.
Prophet Mthembu explained that his first journey to heaven took place in December 1998 while the remainning three took place in 2004, 2006 and 2008 respectively {Prophet! O yaa, tell us more}
‘It started on December 22, 1993 when a white man arrived at my home and told me I was needed in heaven {U wan go do carpentry work there ni}?
‘An Angel, whom I later realised was Gabriel, who was in his early 20s, appeared at my house and led me by the hand to the mandeni river where he baptised me and later returned to heaven, Mthembu claimed.
Mthembu said the angel arrived in 1998 and took him along to heaven. {deep breathe}
‘I was then taken to the fifth heaven called crista where I met Jesus in a city called Sharomy’ {bààbá}!
Mthembu said though there were 11 heavens, the main one was salem, where God’s temple was. {Bisi Alawiye mentiöned 7 in one of her tracks}
‘Jesus is white and God is greyish in complexion’ {yéè}!
God is in his youth’ {you are on your own }
He also claimed to have met God during his second journey in 2004 {ë jé gégé bíï Moses abi}?
‘I met him at Jadalem, a planet mostly covered in water and ice’
Mthembu also said he saw Moses and Abel during his other visits {Abel is in heaven.., Öpé ooo!!}
‘I heaid their conversation, experienced their singing and the smell’ {sharp nose}
‘I explored the marshnode city -the first place that people go when they die and their spirits get reincarnated, I also visited Wespole city, he claimed. {I’m sweating profusely now}
Mthembu also noted that those who predicted the end of the world around May last year were right.
‘Actually, there was a big meeting in heaven that time to discuss the biggest war to fight Satanism’, he said {U also attended that one abi? VIP ~ respect oh}
According to him, God’s single day is equivalent to 891 years, so May 23 was the beginning of the count-down to the end of the world.
{my thumb don dey ache me now}
My readers, thou shall not judge but., abeg check Mark 13:21-23


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