Police is your friend >
Police is your friend >
…_… so goes the saying
but what we are experiencing is the opposite

The drama being displayed now is the change in uniform ¤
From black to something else.

Trying to examine that from the surface, the initiator of the uniform change could have felt it would remove the ‘black mentality’ of the Nigerian Police.

The black mentality of the Police has possibly been responsible for their ‘stylish N20 alms begging on our roads.

Not losing site of those indiscriminate shooting by naughty police elements.
The list is endless but with a bottom line; change the uniform 20 times ¤ unless the uniform of the MIND is changed, the Police won’t but remain where it is today.
The mind is dirty >
polluted with corruption >
maybe a white wear would have been fair
but I think a WHITE HEART is necessary


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