The owner of the body does not say that he is in no pain, while we insist on commiserating with him for his sleeplessness and restlessness. (One does not commiserate with a person who does not admit his/her misfortune).
In Nigeria, it is not just about the more you look the less you see; you rarely see much or nothing. The system, if any, seems to defy all logic. When you expect it to fail, it takes a curve and strangely comes on strong on the rebound. The question is, for how long are we going to rely on auto-piloting the ship of governance?
We are taught in primary school arithmetic that 1 1= 2. However, in this clime it could equal 3, 4, 7, and 10 or even 0. Efforts at getting it right meet with inexplicable capitulation; it never adds up, when Ibrahim Lamorde, EFCC chair, tells you there is corruption in the commission.
In January we were almost certain that some form of change was on the horizon,that it won’t be business asusual, but with each passing day we see our sensibilities abused by a few. Little has changed, with three high profile ‘entertaining’ probes by the National Assembly – subsidy, pension and SEC, what we see is a docile public.
Three months on and civil servants are being owed and still surviving; the Boko Haram war keeps changing colours – it doesn’t add up.
In a twist, while the National Bureau for Statistics says over 100 million are poor, luxury car markers, Porsche, opens its shop in Lagos; it doesn’t add up, millionaires are created everyday out of the system, few by dint of hard work, others by sheer Nigerian mathematics, it never adds up
Just be at the right place at the right time, know the willing right person and you are made.
Just a supply of PDP convention wrapper or new police man-o-war uniform, get a contract for borehole in a community that has four non-functional boreholes.
An alarming size of the population has no access to quality education, some 1.5 million Nigerians write the JAMB exams for less than 500,000 admission spaces, strange figures.
We cry of dwindling fortunes in public schools, yet fraudulent private schools litter everywhere and almost quarterly the FEC approves a maximum of three new universities, at the moment there are over 150. Still ‘unbaked graduates’ are everywhere and billions spent in Ghana to get bettereducation; it doesn’t add up.
In the last five years, the rail system remains only in speeches and documents such as SURE and unSURE. We only hear budgetary allocations in billions and are inundated with talks of the Lagos – Port Harcourt –Kano rail road and Abuja Mono rail projects, we see little.
While this writer appreciates the fact that these are not three minute Indomie Noodle projects, it does not add up.
After several months of committee work at all but nothing, the Senate passed N4. 877 trillion 2012 budget;it was N4.484 trillion in 2011and in 2010, N4.608 trillion, the weed did not know that the farmer had a machete. The evil doer does not consider the response of the person wronged. It all does not add up, three straight years and budgets of N4 trillion plus consecutively and still nothing to show for it, except for pot-bellied rich political class.
An adage says a cripple does not block the road with his legs (a handicap person should not challengethe un-handicapped). But in Nigeria, a few thousands challenge millions, because it never adds up, the maladministration, unfocused governance, fraud and waste continue, as symbolised by what Ojo Madueke comically described as “…Maturation of internal democracy”. The maturation saw the emergence of a much ‘matured’ Bamanga Tukur as Chairman of PDP.
One treats a disease; one does not treat death, my admonition every week dwells on the importance of having to attend to problems before they become unmanageable. Indians have taken over our healthcare system, because ours has failed.
Former Lagos state governor in a recent interview stated “…They are liars driving the economy and feeding the public with fake statistics. If you have a solid economic programme, you will be ableto articulate that for the country and you will strengthen our hope and determination.
We are creating a hydra-headed accounting fraud but let’s leave that. Where is the number coming from; if not from somebody’s magical thinking?” While I believe he is equally part of the problem, I’ll look at the message rather than the messenger and end by asking, do we need all these somersaults leading nowhere, certainly not, but do we want to go forward – only time will tell.

By Prince Charles Dickson



A senior Pastor of United Evangelical Church, Rev. Sunday Alfa has murdered his wife, a mother of 4 for refusing him sex.
The wife, Mrs. Rose Alfa was murdered in the Mission House at about 3am in Igojo, Ubali Village near Okene in Kogi State.
We learnt that before the woman gave up the ghost, she had confessed to a Policeman, who was taking her to the hospital that she did no wrong to her pastor husband and that the man came in the night in the room she was sleeping to demand for sex, but she refused because she gave birth to her last baby in October last year through cesarean section and the doctor asked her to abstain from sex for some time.
We gathered that the woman had divorced the pastor and went to Benin City to live with her brother, Mr. Alex Abah.
Four years later, the pastor went to meet the wife relations to beg for forgiveness and pleaded with them to allow his wife come back to him because he had been promoted to SeniorPastor and it was compulsoryfor him to bring back his wife before they could effect the promotion.
The wife’s relations agreed and allowed her to go back to the husband.
It was during his stay with the wife that the pastor eventually murdered her over sex.


A South – African Prophet, Sibusiso Mthembu has been drawing huge crowds to his home in the last couple of days with the alarming declaration that he has been to heaven four times {haba! Distance between heaven and earth dey short like that?}
According to Sibusiso, there are 11 heavens, each of which he has visited.
Prophet Mthembu explained that his first journey to heaven took place in December 1998 while the remainning three took place in 2004, 2006 and 2008 respectively {Prophet! O yaa, tell us more}
‘It started on December 22, 1993 when a white man arrived at my home and told me I was needed in heaven {U wan go do carpentry work there ni}?
‘An Angel, whom I later realised was Gabriel, who was in his early 20s, appeared at my house and led me by the hand to the mandeni river where he baptised me and later returned to heaven, Mthembu claimed.
Mthembu said the angel arrived in 1998 and took him along to heaven. {deep breathe}
‘I was then taken to the fifth heaven called crista where I met Jesus in a city called Sharomy’ {bààbá}!
Mthembu said though there were 11 heavens, the main one was salem, where God’s temple was. {Bisi Alawiye mentiöned 7 in one of her tracks}
‘Jesus is white and God is greyish in complexion’ {yéè}!
God is in his youth’ {you are on your own }
He also claimed to have met God during his second journey in 2004 {ë jé gégé bíï Moses abi}?
‘I met him at Jadalem, a planet mostly covered in water and ice’
Mthembu also said he saw Moses and Abel during his other visits {Abel is in heaven.., Öpé ooo!!}
‘I heaid their conversation, experienced their singing and the smell’ {sharp nose}
‘I explored the marshnode city -the first place that people go when they die and their spirits get reincarnated, I also visited Wespole city, he claimed. {I’m sweating profusely now}
Mthembu also noted that those who predicted the end of the world around May last year were right.
‘Actually, there was a big meeting in heaven that time to discuss the biggest war to fight Satanism’, he said {U also attended that one abi? VIP ~ respect oh}
According to him, God’s single day is equivalent to 891 years, so May 23 was the beginning of the count-down to the end of the world.
{my thumb don dey ache me now}
My readers, thou shall not judge but., abeg check Mark 13:21-23

Mr. President is clueless I agree These are the people troubling jointly owned resources It is either they are more powerful than Jonathan or Jonathan is deceiving us/himself

Chima Nwankwo writes
FINALLY THE CABALS ARE BEING EXPOSED!!! Oando Oil, CONOIL, African Petroleum and MRS Oil are among the powerful players in the petroleum sector that have shared over N3.655 trillion between 2006 and September2011 in pursuit of importation of refined petroleum products.
This was revealed today in Abuja by the Nigerian Senate joint Committee on Petroleum (Downstream), Appropriation & Finance.
Senator Magnus Ibe, the chairman of the committee, also disclosed that some 100 companies in d downstream sector & in construction, shared over N1.426trillion between January & August 2011 alone.
Oando Oil is owned by Wale Tinubu, Mike Adenuga owns CONOIL, Femi Otedola owns AP,while MRS Oil is run by Aliko Dangote’s brother, Sayyu Dantata. Other key players named today include Pinaccle Construction Ltd, as well as Integrated Oil and Gas, which is owned by a former Minister of the Interior,Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho.
The full list as read out by Senator Abe, is as follows:
1. Oando Nigerian Plc. – N228.506
2. MRS –N224.818 billion
3. Pinnacle Construction-N3 00
4. Enak Oil & Gas –N19.684 billion
5. CONOIl – N37.960 billion
6. Bovas & Co. Nig. Ltd. – N5.685
7. Obat N85 billion and AP;
8. Folawiyo Oil – N113.3 billion
9. IPMAN Investment Limited-
10. ACON – N24.1billion
11. Atio Oil-N64.4billio n
12. AMP- N11.4billion
13. Honeywell-N12.2 billion
14. Emac Oil- N19.2billion
15. D.Jones Oil-N14.8billio n;
16. Capital Oil – N22.4 billion
17. AZ Oil- N18.613billion
18. Eterna oil- N5.57 billion
19. Dozil oil- N3.375 billion
20. Fort oil-N8.582 billion.
21. Integrated Oil and Gas-
N30.777 billion!
(((((WHO IS FOOLING WHO))))).Which Nigeria!!!


In Yoruba culture, a chief is greeted thus ‘ëbä’áfín ö’ ~ by expansion (ëbö á fín)
In English, it means, ‘the sacrifice will be accepted’. Possibly because traditional rulers in those days were largely used to offering sacrifices. The trend of fetish practices is gradually being reduced by the day due to technology and the advent of other religions. For example > muslims and christians pray in stead of offering sacrifices. Prayer in yoruba means ‘àdúrà.
I reasoned within me before asking,’since you know that chief no longer take part in sacrificing but praying, I think they should be greeted thus; àdúråágbà o meaning ‘your prayer will be answered?


Police is your friend >
Police is your friend >
…_… so goes the saying
but what we are experiencing is the opposite

The drama being displayed now is the change in uniform ¤
From black to something else.

Trying to examine that from the surface, the initiator of the uniform change could have felt it would remove the ‘black mentality’ of the Nigerian Police.

The black mentality of the Police has possibly been responsible for their ‘stylish N20 alms begging on our roads.

Not losing site of those indiscriminate shooting by naughty police elements.
The list is endless but with a bottom line; change the uniform 20 times ¤ unless the uniform of the MIND is changed, the Police won’t but remain where it is today.
The mind is dirty >
polluted with corruption >
maybe a white wear would have been fair
but I think a WHITE HEART is necessary

What is the name of your Church?

There are so many churches in Nigeria. One is left to keep wondering where founders get the motivation or perhaps inspiration to name such churches.
The picture you get through this link
describes what I have been trying to amplify.
Feel free to tell us the name of your church or any other church you have found to be thought-provoking here.
Have a great week