CRUCIFY HIM!!!!!!!!!

CRUCIFY HIM!!!!!!!!!.


CRUCIFY HIM!!!!!!!!!

I read with amazement the comment of some sport enthusiasts about the recent sack of Samson Siasia as Super Eagles head coach

Majority have given the Maigari – led technical committee a pat on the back for removing the ‘kílànkó’ hand of Siasia from the àwö tángänrän of Super Eagles

Jesus sat on a colt and rode into Jerusalem with many shouting hosanna! hosanna!

The same set of people attended pilate’s criminal court where the innocent ‘Jesus’ was condemned to death with the shout ‘crucify him! crucify him!!

A vast majority of Nigerians saw Siasia as the needed national team saviour, considering his previous success records before he was appointed coach.

Funny enough, I can’t find the Siasia supporters of then standing, even now. I am not absorbing Siasia of blames ~ of course! He failed to deliver and I don’t also blame him for failing to deliver rather, I blame him for being ‘Nigerian’ by failing to resign honourably after failing to deliver

¤ poor boy!

! he waited till those men issued him a red card ¤

sigh >

I’m not a good football analyst.. but I know this fact ~ Siasia is not the first coach to be sacked and if I have a witness, He won’t be the last ~

It has become a normal phenomenon in Nigerian football } no second chance

~ Siasia’s sack is just the appendation and approval of the recommendation of one panel.

Another sigh ¿

Are there not many human right activists in Nigeria?

Are there not many civil society organisations?

Of course, there are!

Most of our political leaders fail before our very eyes

_ We try to prevent them from contesting again

¤ We can’t just

¤ They award themselves a 2ND TERM without even pleading with us like Siasia pleaded for a 2ND CHANCE which never saw the light of the day.

remember `_^ only ONE COMMITTEE sacked Siasia …..

Who will sack these political leaders who fail continually before our own very eyes?

Hello world!

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